An eyevestor can refer to anybody active on eyevestor. I am an eyevestor as investor an eyeventure, as an eyeconholder in an eyeventure, as an employee of eyevestor, as the owner of an eyeventure. The terms eyeconholder, investor or eyevestor can be used intermittently.

It can also refer to the eyevestor legal entities. The trading name of Eyevestor BV under which eyevestor operates. Eyevestor BV is a 100% of Eyevestor Holding BV, which is owned by Eyevestor Coöperatie. Eyevestor Coöperatie is the entity aligned with the Eyevestor eyeventure (EYE). 

Eyevestor has recognised the need of businesses and organisations to get value in their equity realised, to provide liquidity to investors and shareholders, to have an 'intranet' community platform to engage and interact with their stakeholder community. Plans are to enhance platform capabilities with loyalty platform integration and special offer capabilities. Eyevestor replicates current analogue processes digitally within legally recognised financial instruments such as certificates of shares (through STAKs), membership rights (through Cooperatives and digital shares of public companies (Naamloze Vennootschappen). 

Eyevestor is the go-to platform for any enterprise, business or community organisation seeking more interaction and engagement with its chain of stakeholders. The ultimate form of engagement is through engaged equity, aligned ownership and reward. Eyevestor enables and empowers organisations to digitalise (portions of) their equity under legally recognised financial instruments such as certificates of shares, membership rights or unlisted public shares. Eyevestor recognises equity liquidity as an important driver of value acknowledgement and investment threshold reducer. Each organisation on eyevestor can create its own marketplace for its digitalised equity. Each organisation's administrator is in control of its organisation on eyevestor. Organisations on eyevestor are called eyeventures. Digitalised equity units on eyevestor are called eyecons. Anybody active on eyevestor is called an eyevestor. A holder of eyecons is called an eyeconholder. Eyevestor as a business provides eyevestor as a Platform as a Service. Each organisation on eyevestor as an eyeventure controls and holds responsibility to managing and administering all activity within its eyeventure environment. Where every eyeventure is self and user governed, eyevestor reserves the right to pro-actively or re-actively de-activate organisations or users from Eyevestor. More information can be found on our General Terms and Conditions

On eyevestor no cash accounts are held. Eyevestor administers the eyeconholder register in the eyeventure and transactions, the cash element of transactions handled outside the platform. Cash payments and receipt are handled bilaterally between buyers and seller. It is intended to offer payment processing using a peer to peer payments solution. through a partnership with a licensed payment service provider (PSP) to ensure efficient handling of real-time payments between buyer and seller, whereby eyevestor will record payment transaction steps through a dedicated API.

Dividends are to be distributed from the eyeventure to the accountholder either by direct bank transfer or by handling through the PSP. 

Users are verified with their mobile number, their email and with a PSP through a €0.01 payment transaction. Eyevestor will record the users IBAN bank account in the user's profile.