Eyevestor B.V., registered in Europalaan 500, 526KS in Utrecht. Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number 67783309.

Eyevestor Platform

The eyevestor platform is an online equity engagement platform for eyeventures (legal entities/organisations). It is a full-service platform through which eyeventures are able to increase the involvement (engagement) of their customers, employees, suppliers etc. by way of issuing shares (equity).


The eyeventureholder is the user who setup the eyeventure on the eyevestor platform; and who is the owner/administrator of the eyeventure


The eyeventure is the organisation that has been setup by the eyeventureholder on the eyevestor platform. It is a recognized legal entity which is setup as a Cooperatie, Stichting administratiekantoor (STAK) or a Limited Company. The shares of these eyeventures (legal entities) are registered on the eyevestor platform by way of eyecons. An eyeventure maintains the relationship with its eyeconholders. The eyeventure can represent both commercial and non-commercial organisations.

Eyeventure agreement

The eyeventure agreement is the agreement between the eyeventureholder (entrepreneur) and eyevestor. By accepting the general terms and conditions when creating an account, the eyeventure agreement moves into effect. In the eyeventure agreement the entrepeneur is defined as 'eyeventureholder'.


eyecons are digital shares that are issued by the eyeventure. When owning or investing in an eyecon, the investor obtains rights as depicted by the eyventure. Therefore, the eyecon has both economic and legal value. By acquiring an eyecon the buyer thus becomes co-owner of the eyeventure.

Eyecon transaction

An eyecon transaction is a transaction (which may be a transfer, purchase or sale) of existing eyecons within an eyeventure between users (investors, eyeconholders or eyeventureholders).


An investor is a user who has or makes an investment in an eyeventure by way of buying or obtaining eyecons.


An eyeconholder is a user who has an investment in an eyeventure.


An investment is the obtaining of one or more eyecons by a eyeconholder or investor that are issued by an eyventure, or traded between two investors wihtin the eyeventure.


A user is a legal entity or natural person (at least 18 years of age), who has registered on the eyevestor platform and accepted the General Terms & Conditions. A user can, in turn, be qualified on the basis of his/her use of the eyevestor platform as: (i) investor, (ii) eyeconholder or (iii) eyeventureholder.

User agreement 

A user agreement is the agreement between the user and eyevestor that moves into effect when the user registers on the eyevestor platform. It can be found here.

Transaction costs

The transaction cost is the sum of the transaction charges and the value of the transaction.