Any entity represented on eyevestor and contracted as an eyeventure. 

Eyeventures contracted as Essential can be any legal entity or organisation or agreement. 

Eyeventures contracted as Professional or Enterprise are always represented by an underlying legal entity, such as an:

- Stichting Administratiekantoor (STAK),

- Coöperatives

- Public Companies [Naamloze Vennootschappen] (NV).

An eyeventure is a company or organisation that employs labour and capital in its ordinary course of business. It can be both for profit as well as a non-profit organisation. An eyeventure has the goal to provide/sell products and/or services to customers, that in turn generate turnover, profit and create value. On the eyevestor platform the eyeventures are able to offer eyecons for trading to investors/stakeholders. By offering eyecons to stakeholders, the eyeventures are able to increase involvement, create engagement, financie their plans and improve on equity ratios.