Investments are made by making a bid for tenders.
Whether you can invest in an eyeventure depends on the accessibility settings eyeventure. There are three possibilities:

1)  Public - the eyeventure is publicly available to all eyevestors on the platform. Potential investors can themselves initiate purchases through the platform. After purchase, the investors can offer Eyecons also for sale to the eyeventure or other investors (subject and compliance with marketplace rules eyeventure).


2)   Semi-public - the eyeventure is visible, however investors cannot directly accept an offer on the platform. Investors must first request access to the eyeventure. Once the investor is accepted by the eyeventure, he/she can invest and accept bids, subject to compliance with marketplace rules eyeventure.


3)   Private - Investors can only be invited by a eyeventure. There is nothing available to the public on the eyevestor platform. You can not find the eyeventure on the platform if you are not logged into the eyeventure. To log in, you will most likely have had offline contact with the eyeventure and you and eyeventure agreed to invite you. Once you receive the invitation, you can invest, subject to compliance with marketplace rules eyeventure.