If you have trouble with logging in on the Eyevestor platform, the following things can be the problem: 

1. You don't have an account;

2. Your password needs to be reset or you forgot your password, reset your password; 

3. You forgot your email address. 

1. You don't have an account: 

- You will have to make an account, need help? You can find instructions 'How do I create an account?'.


2. Reset your password:

- On the log in screen, click on 'I forgot my password'

- Click on 'Reset password'

- You will get an email with a link, follow this link to reset your password.

- Choose a new password, you will be able to log in again. 


3. I can't remember my email address

- send a message to our support department (black button on the right-side of your screen) 

- share your phone number 

- You will receive a sms with your email address. 


If you keep having this problem, contact our support department. (black button on the right side of the platform) We will be glad to assist you.