What do those terms mean on Eyevestor?
Accountholder  Every user with an account in at least 1 eyeventure. Buyer/seller Eyeconholders, investors or eyeventureholders that buy or sell eyecon...
Wo, 5 Mei, 2021 om 10:36 AM
How can I adjust my profile?
Follow the steps 5-8 as laid out by 'How do I create an account?'
Wo, 5 Mei, 2021 om 10:38 AM
How can I change the settings for my Eyevestor notifications?
Newsletters and opportunities If you want to receive the newsletters and notifications for new investment opportunities, we will need your permission to se...
Wo, 5 Mei, 2021 om 10:41 AM
Does Eyevestor fall within the supervision of the AFM and/or DNB?
Yes. We believe it is very important to offer a completely legal platform. Eyevestor is authorized to offer crowdfunding services under the ECSP regulations...
Ma, 8 Jan, 2024 om 1:24 PM
What does the member type say about my account in an eyeventure?
The owner of an eyeventure assigns different member types to different types of investors. How the owner of the eyeventure wants to differentiate is entirel...
Wo, 5 Mei, 2021 om 10:39 AM
Why do I have to verify my bank account and phone number?
Before you can offer eyecons for sale on the marketplace of one of your own eyeventure's, you have to complete your bank account verification transfer. ...
Wo, 5 Mei, 2021 om 10:42 AM
How is my privacy garantueed?
We would like to refer you to our privacy policy, which is in the footer of our website as well.
Wo, 5 Mei, 2021 om 10:37 AM
Can Eyevestor share my personal information with third parties?
Without written permission from the eyevestor or investor, we will not share your personal information with a third party. If you want to know more about ou...
Wo, 5 Mei, 2021 om 10:39 AM
I have feedback for Eyevestor. Who do I need to contact within Eyevestor?
If you are unsatisfied with the Eyevestor platform, you can contact our customer support department (black button on the right-side of your screen). Our cus...
Wo, 5 Mei, 2021 om 10:43 AM
Why do I need a user account?
To be able to use the Eyevestor services, you have to create a free user account. This will give you access to the Eyevestor platform, your user account is ...
Wo, 5 Mei, 2021 om 10:37 AM