We did research to the relevance of supervision by the financial institutions in the Netherlands on Eyevestor. The financial institutions are the DNB and the AFM, which stands for De Nederlandse Bank, The bank of the Netherlands, and for the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets. Eyevestor is a platform where in a bilateral way between eyeventures and investors, without interference of Eyevestor, trade is possible. Based on the research and the bilateral character of the platform, we can conclude that, at the time of writing, we are not under the supervision of the DNB or the AFM. We do want to be the best in class so we took into account the set of rules of both authorities. We keep ourselves up to date when it comes to new developments in the European and Dutch rules and regulations. 

We will sit down with the AFM and DNB to discuss the upcoming developments and possibly a suitable supervision plan in favor of our users.