Every user with an account in at least 1 eyeventure.


Eyeconholders, investors or eyeventureholders that buy or sell eyecons within an eyeventure.


A sum of money paid regularly (typically annually) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits. Dividends can be payed out in cash or eyecons. 


Eyecons are digital shares that are issued by the eyeventure. When owning or investing in an eyecon, the investor obtains rights as depicted by the eyeventure. Therefore, the eyecon has both economic and legal value. By acquiring an eyecon the buyer becomes co-owner of the eyeventure. An eyecon is not a derivative. 

Eyeconholder or Investor 

An eyeconholder is a user who has an investment or an active position in an eyeventure. Obtained by issuing shares by the eyeventure to the eyeconholder, or by the acquisition of shares from another eyeconholder via the marketplace, or by buying shares during an equity funding campaign of an eyeventure on the Eyevestor platform.

Eyecon Issuance

When issuing new shares there should be an official shareholder resolution that agrees with this decision. In this shareholder resolution it must state the amount of shares issued and the price of a share. These decisions need to be approved by a certain percentage of the total votes, this percentage is agreed upon in the statutes. The records of this shareholder voting should be uploaded to the Eyevestor platform, if so the eyeventure is allowed to issue more shares. 

Eyecon agreement or investment agreement

Every agreement made between an entrepreneur (eyeventure) and an investor (eyeconholder) on the Eyevestor platform, via the electronic way. This could be a one-sided agreement because of certain transactions (transfer- and vestingstransactions) made by the eyeventureholder. 

Eyecon transaction

An eyecon transaction is a transaction (which may be a transfer, purchase or sale) of existing eyecons within an eyeventure between users (investors, eyeconholders or eyeventureholders).


The eyeventure is the organisation that has been setup by the eyeventureholder on the eyevestor platform. It is a recognized legal entity which is setup as a Cooperatie, Stichting administratiekantoor (STAK) or a Limited Company. The shares of these eyeventures (legal entities) are registered on the eyevestor platform by way of eyecons. An eyeventure maintains the relationship with its eyeconholders. The eyeventure can represent both commercial and non-commercial organisations.

Eyeventure account

The account a user has within an Eyeventure. A user can hold multiple accounts within the same eyeventure and/or within multiple eyeventures. 


The user with administrative access to the eyeventure, this can be the eyeventureholder or a designated third party. 

Eyeventureholder or entrepreneur/organization 

The user who made the eyeventure on the Eyevestor platform. Eyeventureholder is the owner of the eyeventure. Logic dictates that this is usually the owner of the company. 

Eyeventure agreement

The eyeventure agreement is the agreement between the eyeventureholder (entrepreneur) and eyevestor. By accepting the general terms and conditions when creating an account, the eyeventure agreement moves into effect. In the eyeventure agreement the entrepeneur is defined as 'eyeventureholder'.

Eyeventure terms 

De terms and conditions made by the eyeventure and shared in the eyeventure environment, these terms and conditions are related to the eyeventure and the eyeventure users. Under conditions, from a legal viewpoint, and on eyeventure level, the administrative conditions set by the eyeventure exceed the Eyevestor terms.


Eyevestor B.V., Europalaan 500, 3526 KS in Utrecht. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce with registration number 67783309.

Eyevestors or User(s)

A user is a legal entity or natural person (at least 18 years of age), who has registered on the eyevestor platform and accepted the General Terms & Conditions. A user can, in turn, be qualified on the basis of his/her use of the Eyevestor platform as: (i) investor, (ii) eyeconholder or (iii) eyeventureholder.

Eyevestor Platform

The eyevestor platform is an online equity engagement platform for eyeventures (legal entities/organisations). It is a full-service platform through which eyeventures are able to increase the involvement (engagement) of their customers, employees, suppliers etc. by way of issuing shares (equity).


An investor is a user who has or makes an investment in an eyeventure by way of buying or obtaining eyecons. "Eyevestors or Users(s)" for more information.


An investment is the acquisition of one or more eyecons by an eyeconholder or investor that are issued by an eyeventure, or traded between two investors within the eyeventure.

Member type

Every account gets assigned a member type by the Eyeventureholder. Different rules and requirements apply for the different member types.


The online environment within an eyeventure where with a bilateral trade for an eyecon an agreement is made between a seller and buyer.

Payment Service Provider

Bunq is the tradename of bunq B.V.. Bunq is registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce with the number 54992060 en is under supervision from the AFM (the Dutch authority for the financial markets) and the DNB (the bank of the Netherlands). On the website of the DNB you can find the license register in which Bunq is included. Their VAT-number is NL851519945B01.

User agreement 

A user agreement is the agreement between the user and eyevestor that moves into effect when the user registers on the eyevestor platform.

Transaction costs

The transaction cost is the sum of the transaction charges and the value of the transactions. 


A Free Of Payment transaction where eyecons are moved from one user to another user without payment, the value of the eyecons can be shown. All Buy and Sell transactions are Delivery vs Payment transactions. 


Periodic Free Of Payment Transfer (value can be shown)